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Which Country Has Won More Winter Olympic Medals?

posted on Jan 27, 2014

2014 is Winter Olympic year and Sochi, Russia has earned the right to host winter sports biggest showpiece.  Which country is the most successful at snow and ice sports and accumulated the most medals?  We take a brief look into these questions which throws up a few surprises.

The Winter Olympics have been part of the sporting calendar since 1924 when Chamonix, France hosted the event, every 4 years since then (excluding 1940-1944 due to war) the event has taken place across the globe with countries striving for medals in a number of disciplines.

The medal count is a hotly debated topic; the Nordic countries in Europe have a rich history in medal grabbing, along with proverbial powerhouse’s Germany and Russia.  Elsewhere around the globe South Korea and Japan in Asia have collected more than their fair share of gold, silver and bronze, of course North America with the USA and Canada increasingly becoming the countries to beat.

Countries that haul away a decent amount of metal although they don’t get a lot of snow are few and far between, Great Britain features highly, although do not win a lot of medals they have competed at every winter Olympic games.  Interesting fact that confirms the lack of snow hinders performance is that Great Britain has won 780 medals (236 Gold) at the summer Olympics versus 22 medals (9 gold) competing at winter Olympics.

 There have only been 12 nations that have competed in all Winter Olympic games since   1924, Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States, so you would look to a few of those countries to be the highest medal winners in the history of the games.

Our sneaky feeling at the start was from a Nordic nation and indeed Norway have collected more winter Olympic medals than any other nation on the globe, they currently have 303 total medals which comprise of an astonishing 107 gold’s from 21 winter Olympic games.  The USA currently is in 2nd place with 253 medals with 87 gold, in 3rd place are Austria with 201 total medals including 55 gold.

Notable medal winners are as follows…

1. Norway                    303      107 gold’s

2. USA                        253      87 gold’s

3. Austria                     201      55 gold’s

4. Soviet Union             194      78 gold’s

5. Germany                  190      70 gold’s


7. Canada                    125      52 gold’s

13. Russia                    91        36 gold’s

21. Great Britain           22        9 gold’s


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